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Arctic Start has been a powerful force in the remote start industry since 1998. Part of the Firstech family, Arctic Start’s remotes focus on comfort, power, and convenience in sleek, modern designs. The features and specifications found in Arctic Start remotes are some of the most innovative and competitive on the remote start market. Most of Arctic Start’s remotes utilize the latest in smartphone app technology with DroneMobile – Imagine accessing your car’s remote starter features using your smartphone! Arctic Start remotes allow you to start your car from the comfort of your warm home during cold Rochester days.





The Edge 2X is Arctic Start’s most advanced remote starter system and has an upgraded, modern design. This model boasts an easy to read, inverted LCD display screen and a vast 1 mile operating range. The Command Confirmation feature gives you an extra measure of assurance when operating your vehicle’s starter system. The Edge 2X is DroneMobile ready, adding the extra convenience of control via your smartphone. Other impressive features on this model include a turbo timer, customizable auto relock, and an optional passive mode. This model is compatible with most vehicles on the market today, including those with diesel engines








The Torch 2S is one of Arctic Start’s most advanced remote starter models using LED technology. Multiple colored LED lights indicate various functions and alerts, making the system easy to read. The Torch 2S has an impressive 3000 foot operating range. The Starter Interrupt, which prevents the engine from starting after an unauthorized access, and Valet features provide additional security to your vehicle. Temperature start, Defroster Temperature Control, and Ventilation Air Conditioning features help to keep your vehicle at the perfect climate. This model also offers a power life-gate, passive mode, programmable interval start programs, and Command Confirmation.








The 803 model from Arctic Start is a design pioneer, featuring a multicolor backlit LCD screen. The colored LCD screen makes the system easy to use and alerts easy to read. This model offers a class-leading, 1 mile operating range and is compatible with the DroneMobile smartphone app. The 803 gives you peace of mind about the starting of your vehicle with the Command Confirmation feature. The 803 model also includes an Ignition Controlled Door Lock system, Passive Mode, Auto Relock, and Turbo Timer. This model can be used on automatic and manual-transmission vehicles.








The 800 model from Arctic Start offers functionality in a simple, easy to use design. This remote model has a light, compact design, perfect for your lifestyle. The 800 operates with a bright, easy to see ArcticBlue LED light which indicates commands. The Arctic Start 800 has a comfortable operating range of 1000 feet. While the 800 may seem basic in comparison to other Arctic Start products, it boasts comparable capabilities including Ignition Controlled Door Locks, Interval Start, programmable engine run-times, Valet access, and Starter-Interrupt, a security feature which helps prevent unauthorized access.








The Edge 1 model from Arctic Start offers features that are appealing to every buyer. The Edge 1 remote’s casing is water and shock resistant, making it durable and able to withstand the wears and tears of everyday life. This model’s impressive 1000 foot operating range allows you to control your system from a convenient distance. The Edge 1 model has a bright ArcticBlue LED light to indicate commands and alerts. This model is DroneMobile compatible and can be accessed using your smartphone. Additional features of this model include a Passive Mode, Drive Lock, Auto Relock, and Trunk Output Timing.