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The CrimeStopper Company specializes in aftermarket electronics, offering an expansive product line which includes GPS tracking systems, remote starters, and car security systems. This wide variety of products truly offers something for everyone. CrimeStopper’s remote starter systems come as independent products or as add-on features to CrimeStopper security systems. CrimeStopper has a nationwide presence and is a top-rated competitor in the remote starter market. With over 30 years of experience, CrimeStoppers helps keep your vehicle safe and secure and gives you peace of mind.





The RS1-G5 model from CrimeStoppers is a 1-Button Remote Start System. The RS1-G5 has a remote start range of 1500 feet, allowing you to safely start your car from a distance. This model allows for keyless entry after the vehicle is running. CrimeStopper’s RS1-G5 system also includes Timed Start for cold weather, a Turbo Timer, 31 programmable options, horn-honk confirmation, and a 2-way data port. This system is compatible with most gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles and both manual and automatic transmission vehicles.








The RS2-G3 model from CrimeStopper is a 2-way, 1-Button Remote Start System. This model has a competitive 2500 foot operating range and boasts Lock, Unlock, Start, and Panic features from a single button. CrimeStopper’s RS2-G3 model includes a timed start for cold climes – perfect for frigid northern winters. The RS2-G3 also includes optional Dome Light Supervision, horn-honk confirmation, 25 programmable options, and a 2-way data port. This model is compatible with gas, diesel and hybrid vehicles.








The RS3-G5 model from the CrimeStopper product line is a Remote Start with Keyless Entry System. This product has an extensive 1500 foot operating range and a sleek, 4-button remote design. CrimeStopper’s RS3-G5 remote starter also features a 2-way data port, 31 programmable options, Timed Start, and horn honk confirmation components. Turbo Timers allows your vehicle to turn off your vehicle at the perfect temperature. This model is compatible with gas, diesel and hybrid vehicles.








The RS7-G5 from the CrimeStopper Company is a state-of-the-art Remote Start and Keyless Entry System with an easy-to-read LCD screen. This 2-way system has an impressive 3000 foot operating range and boasts a trunk release feature. This advanced model from CrimeStoppers also showcases Timed Start and Turbo Timed capabilities, multi-vehicle functionality, additional auxiliary outputs, and optional Dome Light Supervision. This model is compatible with most vehicles on the road today, including manual and automatic transmissions.








CrimeStopper’s RS4-G5 model features a modern, 5-button design. This remote starter and keyless entry system has an operating range of 2000 feet. This model also offers a convenient trunk release. CrimeStopper’s Timed Start and Turbo Timer technologies can be found in the RS4-G5 model. Additional features include a 2-way data port, multi-vehicle functionality, horn honk confirmation, optional Dome Light Supervision, and 31 programmable options. This model is compatible with gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles.