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Ultra Start takes pride in creating innovative and long-lasting remote starter systems, making them a leader in their industry. Ultra Start remotes have an easy to operate and user-friendly design. Remotes are made with the highest-quality materials, making them extremely durable and enduring through life’s rough moments. Ultra Start focuses on its output overload protection systems and direct link data port technology to give you the highest quality product available. Ultra Start products are compatible with most vehicles on the market, including Push-to-Start and hybrid vehicles and vehicles with Diesel Engines.




Atom/Micro Data Series

Ultra Start’s Atom/Micro Data Series comes in a two or four button layout option – allowing you to pick the model that best fits your lifestyle. This remote model can communicate with your vehicle within an impressive 2500 foot range. Its compact, and sleek design includes a temperature compensation system and valet switch. Additional handy aspects of this model include factory alarm and dis-alarm capabilities, programmable cold start modes, trunk release, and car finder features. The Atom/Micro Data remote is best suited for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles 2008 and newer.







1172XR-Pro 2 Button Remote Starter

Ultra Start’s 1172XR-Pro model focuses on remote start capability in a sleek, two-button design. The extensive 2500 foot range will allow convenient remote starting with direct link data port and output overload protection technology. This 1-way remote gives you the ability to control power door locking and unlocking and trunk release with ease. You will also have engine idle mode, selectable run times, cold start mode, and dome light supervision control with this state-of-the-art Ultra Start model. This remote starter is perfect for hybrid vehicles.







1272XR-Pro 4 Button Remote Starter

The 1272XR-Pro is Ultra Start’s top selling remote car starter. This advanced model is a great fit for someone looking for remote start, keyless entry, and trunk release using a modern, 4-button design. The 1272XR-Pro uses bright, easy to see LED lights to provide you with clear, 1-way communication with your vehicle at a range of 1200 feet. The 1272XR-Pro remote also features Driver’s Door Priority technology, an additional auxiliary output, a valet switch, ignition auto locks, and a temperature sensor port. This remote is a perfect addition to most automatic transmission vehicles..